Córdoba + Sevilla + Granada

Córdoba was a quick trip! Just enough time to grab some gelato and see one of my favorite architectural pieces of the trip.

El Mezquita-Cathedral de Córdoba es uno de los monumentos mas singulares del mundo! la arquitectura islamica, con helenisticos, romanos y bizantinos, se funde con la cristiana es una de las expresiones mas impresionante.

After our short visit to Cordoba, we got to Sevilla. It was everything that I imagined and more. The river that flowed through the middle of the city was so cool. We got there late that night so we all just got dinner and went straight to bed.

Thursday we saw the Cathedral de Sevilla.

They say that Christopher colobus is buried in this cathedral.

Los castillos son construcciones hechas de piedra, sin presunción y sólo se preocupaban de la seguridad de sus habitantes y una alcazar realmente preocupaban de la armonía, estética y belleza arquitectónica.


Our last stop was Granada! My favorite city we’ve been to in the program. Theres just something about it. The streets felt different with the vendors coming from northern Africa and the influence of the muslim culture. AND THE ALHAMBRA – the most magical place ever. The Conquest of Granada really highlighted the the impact of the Muslims on Spanish life, traditions and the colonial legislation.


It was interesting to analyze the difference and similarities between the muslim religion and my own. The one thing that we have in common and both put at the foundation of our testimonies is that God is real, He is present, He leads and guides us and is all powerful.

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Toledo, España

We started our trip at the Cathedral of Toledo! The 13th Century Cathedral is one of the three Spanish High Gothic Cathedrals of Spain and is considered the most famous. The construction began under the rule of Ferdinand III but the finishing touches weren’t completed until the 15th Century. It was built over a mosque interestingly enough and the where many recent Christian converts learned about the Old Testament and Christian practices. The Cathedral of Toledo was a sight to see! Such interesting stories with every detail.

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Toledo was also known as the “Spanish Jerusalem”. Many jews lived in peace in Toledo until  they were expelled from Spain in 1492, many fleeing to Portugal where they soon would also be persecuted and thrown out in 1498. In Toledo, there is a section of the city where Jewish remnants still remain. (See pictures below)

Toledo was a very important city, and even the Capital of the Kingdom at one point. The old city is located on a high mountain top surrounded by the Tangus River. Toledo was the city of the humanities and a haven of cultural diversities. Toledo remained Spains capital until 1561, when Madrid then became the capital. Nonetheless, Toledo remains as Spains religious capital.

Toledo has been a traditional sword-making, steel-working centre since about 500 BC. The steel was famous for its high quality alloy! Today there is a significant trade, and many shops offer all kinds of swords to their customers and tourists from all over the world.